Surgery Center

South Jersey Eye Physicians opened its state-of-the-art surgical center in 1995. Located inside our Moorestown, NJ office, our facility is patient-friendly and offers a high-tech operating room designed exclusively for cataract and other eye surgeries. We are now the only regional ophthalmologists capable of performing cataract surgery in the comfort, privacy and safety of our own office!

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Nachbar perform the latest cataract surgical techniques in our surgicenter. Most operations are done without using needles for anesthesia (the “Topical Anesthesia” technique). These patients don’t need to wear an eye patch after having surgery. Our preferred surgical technique doesn’t even require sutures (the “no stitch” technique).

Best of all, in most cases, one of our “Hand Holders” will hold your hand during your surgery. These volunteers have all had cataract surgery on either one or both eyes. They serve as part of our surgical team and provide comfort and reassurance in the operating room, making your surgery much less stressful.

Hand Holders Club

South Jersey Eye Physicians is recruiting a group of volunteers for the “Hand Holders Club.” Its members are people (like you?) in South Jersey who have had cataract surgery on either one or both eyes. A Hand Holder is a member of the SJEYE Surgical Team who is present in our Operating Room while surgery is being performed, providing comfort and reassurance while stroking our patient’s hand. This makes the surgery much less stressful, as you may remember if you were fortunate enough to have had your hand held during your cataract surgery.

All Hand Holders Club members receive a membership card, which entitles them to a 30% discount at the SJEYE Optical Shops. There will be other discounts and other benefits from area shops and businesses.

Our Eye Surgery Center is the first and still the only Medicare approved facility of its type in this area. Since opening in 1995, we have performed many thousands of cataract and other eye surgeries.

If you would like to join the SJEYE Hand Holders Club and become a hand holder, contact our Coordinator at (856) 234-0222 (extension 2720). You can also mail the following application to us or give it to the receptionist at your next office visit.

Hand Holder Application