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South Jersey Eye Physicians’ mission is to protect, preserve, and improve vision. We will fulfill this mission by:

• Being the pre-eminent area provider of general ophthalmology services;
• Offering a broad range of sub-specialty ophthalmology services;
• Providing diverse, related ophthalmic services.

All services offered will be consistent with:

• Maintaining a patient advocacy role;
• Adhering to ethical standards defined by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the physicians’ own personalities;
• Implementing leading edge service techniques;
• Teaching referring physicians in the community;
• Teaching others entering the specialty;
• Achieving a profit.

Our targeted clients are:

• Adults and children living and/or working in Burlington County and the surrounding areas;
• Primary care physicians and specialists in South Jersey who require ophthalmic consultation and/or intervention for their patients;
• General ophthalmologists in South Jersey requiring sub-specialty consultation and/or intervention for their clientele.


For the convenience of our patients, we offer evening and Saturday appointments in addition to our weekday appointments starting as early as 7AM.

How To Pay:

South Jersey Eye Physicians accepts personal checks, money orders, cash or payments by MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Credit card payments may be taken in person or over the phone. Please understand that checks returned by the bank for any reason will be charged back to your account along with a returned check fee, and your check-writing will be at risk.


South Jersey Eye Physicians will file an eligible insurance claim. However, please understand that you are responsible for the amount that insurance does not cover, such as out-of-network services, deductibles, etc. It is in your best interest to know and understand your insurance plan benefits because not all services are covered under all health plans. If you have insurance coverage but cannot show proof at the time of your appointment, please understand that payment for your care will be due at the time of service. Once our office receives your insurance card, the claim will be filed appropriately.

SJEYE is a participating provider for Medicare and almost all HMO, PPO, and Point-of-Service insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company to verify we are participating providers with your insurance plan.

How to Get More Information:

For more information regarding the payment process, please call 1-800-380-0111.

Practice History & Milestones:

• 2005 – Dr. Colucciello performs New Jersey’s first Macugen injection for treating macular degeneration.

• 2000 – LASIK performed on the area’s first Bausch & Lomb “Flying Spot” Excimer Laser (Dr. Nachbar)

• 2000 – First Photo-Dynamic Laser Therapy treatment in South Jersey performed for macular degeneration (Dr. Colucciello)

• 2000 – First in the area to be Board Certified as a LASIK Specialist (one of first 12 in the entire USA) by the American Board of Eye Surgeons (Dr. Nachbar)

• 1999 – Optic Nerve Fiber Analyzer installed for glaucoma testing; First in the area

• 1999 – First Intacs (intra-corneal ring) performed (Dr. Nachbar)

• 1999 – First ever S. Jersey ophthalmologist (Dr. Nachbar) to be two time Philadelphia Magazine “Top Doc” as a Refractive Surgeon

• 1998 – First (in Delaware Valley) to become Board Certified as Cataract Surgery Sub-specialists by the American Board of Eye Surgery (Drs. Cohen and Nachbar)

• 1997 – First Endo-Cyclo Photocoagulation (ECP) Laser performed for glaucoma

• 1995 – First (still the only in area) “in office” ophthalmic Surgical Center

• 1995 – First private practice in area to have digital fluorescein angiography for diabetic and macular degeneration care

• 1994 – First in area to perform Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty (ALK)

• 1992 – Popularized Radial Keratotomy in South Jersey.

• 1988 – First in South Jersey to perform silicone intra-ocular lens implant (IOL) insertion.

• 1986 – First successfully performed Epikeratophakia surgery in South Jersey

• 1985 – First office in area to have both Argon and YAG lasers in office.

• 1985 – First visual field perimeter in area for glaucoma testing

Verified Patient Reviews

The following reviews are based on verified patient experiences collected by Ratings.MD. The ratings and comments are submitted by patients after their visit and reflect their own views and opinions.

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