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South Jersey Eye Physicians

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A Consumer Reports study of 30,000 people indicates that patients are more satisfied and receive better pricing from private eye practitioners than from optical chain stores.

The South Jersey Eye Physicians Optical Experience

SJEYE provides a full spectrum experience. Whether you're looking for a simple pair of frames or the latest fashion with super thin, lightweight, invisible lenses, our optical center is the most experienced, cost effective and convenient option to meet all of your needs. We are not a retail establishment; we are health care specialists who care about your eye health and vision care needs.

SJEYE recognizes the importance of having an onsite optical center at each of our three offices. Each location has a complete line of eye wear, giving us the opportunity to assist any patient who visits our offices. Our licensed opticians and frame stylists have professionalism and knowledge second to none. All our staff are skilled at guiding, fitting and dispensing frames and lenses that are ideal for your individual prescriptions and budgets.

SJEYE's Brands

With over 1000 frames from which to choose, we have just the right style for everyone! Our many brands include Coach, Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, Penguin, Claiborne, Dior, Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Oakley, RayBan and others.
We also specialize in frames for children carrying Miraflex, Dilli Dalli, Flexon, Nike, RayBans and other great brands for toddlers and tweens.
Additionally we carry a complete line of Maui Jim, Michael Kors, Oakley, Ralph and RayBan sunglasses. Come in and let one of our opticians help you pick the perfect pair.

Warranty and Financing

South Jersey Eye Physicians offers a manufacturers' warranty that all patients receive at no additional charge. Our optical center will replace nose pads and make adjustments to glasses at no additional charge for the life of the glasses, and no appointment is necessary. Free cleaning cloths are also available to patients for the life of their glasses.

Along with the highest quality frames and lenses, SJEYE customizes every order to your personal prescription, measurements and selected features. Whether you're looking for a pair of computer glasses, high fashion custom sun wear, sports/hobby specific frames or occupation required safety glasses, SJEYE can meet your optical needs.

Doctor’s Prescription Change:

Lenses will be replaced for doctor’s prescription change at no charge within 60 days following the date your glasses are available to be picked up.


Manufacturing defects will be replaced at no charge if office is notified within 30 days of dispensing. “Scratch resistant” and “no glare” spectacle lenses may have a one time, no charge replacement within one year from order date for significant scratches on the lens or damage to the “no glare” lens.

Progressive Lenses:

Progressive lenses may be replaced one time at no charge for fitting change or non?adapt reasons within 60 days following the date your glasses are available to be picked up. No refunds or credit will be issued for non?adaptive lens material or lens design. Any upgrade in lens material of design would be at an additional cost to the patient.


Frames that are damaged or broken due to manufacturer’s defect will be replaced at no charge within one year of the order date.

Reuse of Patient’s own frames and/or lens:

All processing done using patient’s own frame and/or lens are done at patient’s own risk.


Your optical purchase is considered a custom order and therefore there are no cancellations or refunds after the order is placed.


Orders not picked?up after 90 days that have a patient balance will be broken down and subject to a 10% restocking fee.


All frames will have free adjustments for the life of the frame. The optician may recommend against certain adjustments depending on their assessment of the frame’s condition. All adjustments are performed at patient’s own risk.