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SJEYE's Dr. James Nachbar was one of the first surgeons in the Philadelphia / South Jersey region to perform LASIK surgery. His first case was done in 1997.

LASIK surgery improves the vision by reshaping the corneal surface, thereby improving the focus. It removes a very small but precisely shaped amount of tissue under a protective flap of the cornea. This is determined by Dr. Nachbar's detailed eye exam and measurements he makes when you are evaluated for LASIK surgery, in addition to computerized measurements made at both SJEYE and at the laser center.

Dr. Nachbar performs LASIK surgery at the Kremer Eye Center in Cherry Hill. His technique uses the high tech Intralase to make a "Bladeless" flap of corneal tissue and the VISX Star S4 laser to perform the actual tissue ablation. The laser is so sophisticated that it even tracks your eye, in case you move it during the procedure!

Thanks to the incredible power and precision of the laser, many people can have their vision corrected in well under a minute of actual laser treatment. Each ultra-fast laser pulse is placed on the cornea to sculpt a new shape for the eye with the utmost accuracy. Each pulse removes a microscopic amount (1/4 micron - same as 0.0000098 inches) of corneal tissue. To give some perspective, it would take approximately 200 of these laser pulses to etch through a typical human hair (approx 50 microns thick).

When performed properly on the appropriately screened patients, LASIK is a highly effective treatment for farsightedness, astigmatism and nearsightedness. LASIK surgery has reduced or eliminated dependence on eyeglasses and contacts for millions of people across the globe.

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