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South Jersey Eye Physicians now offers online appointment scheduling through our Patient Portal! We hope you enjoy this convenient solution, as we strive to serve even our most time-crunched patients.

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To schedule an appointment please sign in through our Patient Portal. With Patient Portal, you can connect with your doctor through a convenient, safe, and secure environment.

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Questions? Contact us at: 1-800-380-0111

What to Expect

Although we are continuing to work hard in an effort to avoid unexpected wait times for our patients, there are some options for those that simply need to get in and out, with no wait time, at every visit. If this is the case for you, we highly recommend scheduling early morning appointments prior to 9:00am. Please let our staff know about your early morning appointment time preference, so that we may accommodate your needs to your satisfaction.

To properly plan for your appointment with SJEYE, please remember that we perform full-dilated eye health examinations to thoroughly monitor the health of your eyes in addition to determining your eye prescription for contacts or glasses. Pupil dilation is very important, as it provides a better view for your doctor to diagnose or rule out eye disease since it allows for the most thorough evaluation of the health of the internal structures of your eyes.

Pupil dilation is performed by instilling dilating drops to enlarge your pupils. These drops usually take about 15 minutes to start working. In addition to pupil dilation, your examination will consist of several other tests and measurements. Because you will be receiving the best and most thorough care available, please plan to be at SJEYE for at least an hour for a comprehensive examination.

We look forward to serving you at your next visit.